• API
  • Admin system
  • Portal
  • Mobile application
  • Building an integrated network of a complex set of functionalities
  • Developing end-to-end processes (from API to applications)



  • Vue.js
  • WordPress
  • Java
  • SpringBoot
  • Flutter
  • Well organized, transparent national sports information management processes
  • Discounts for services of sports facilities made available from mobile devices of leisure time athletes registered in the system


In this project we were requested to develop a national sports information management system, including all of its end-to-end processes.

API, admin system, portal and mobile application development were all in scope.

The main goal of the project was to implement and deliver a system in which all sports facilities can easily manage their data (including their athletes, facilities, events and results), and where they can register their discounted services (and all related information) they intend to provide for leisure time athletes. 


The main challenges of this project were the complexity of the system and the diversity of its processes.

We had to develop several integrated modules in order to cover as many end-to-end sports information management processes as possible.

Besides technical challenges, we had to face difficulties in project management also, as designing such a complex system and coordinating its development is never an easy job.


In close cooperation with the coordinating organizations responsible for the project, based on thorough analysis of customer needs and system requirements, and by following the predefined development priorities, we have managed to cover the whole project scope in time, and enhanced the system’s performance and functional capabilities based on improvement opportunities identified during testing, and change requests addressed by the customer.


National sports information management processes that were hardly digitalized prior to the project are now handled in a well organized, transparent system, for which every sports institution and sportsmen has fast, easy and userfriendly access.

Additionally, all registered organizations are now capable of sharing information about their services, including the discounts they are willing to provide for leisure time athletes, which the registered users can comfortably claim from their mobile devices.