• API development
  • Refactoring, system optimization
  • Complex system and workflows
  • Tech debt
  • Migration between cloud service providers
  • Lack of agile knowledge on the customer side



  • Go
  • React
  • Azure
  • AWS
  • Easier integration for customers and partners
  • Scalability
  • Reusable APIs
  • Improved performance


Indivizo offers data-driven recruitment solutions to help hiring top talent faster. Their cloud-based platform includes flexible end-to-end workflow management, automated video interviews, gamification, a referral system and other services in order to provide the right tools to find the right people for every position.

They focus on data to evaluate the performance of candidates and also to measure the efficiency of the recruitment process. Their solutions provide data-based information to help making better hiring decisions, and at the same time they dramatically accelerate the workflow to free up significant recruiter time so that clients can focus on what is important: people.

Integration with clients and partners are key factors in Indivizo’s business model. We were hired to provide an efficient and scalable solution they can easily reuse for such communication, and also to refactor the legacy codebase and workflows. The project was carried out by a hybrid team of developers from both client and supplier sides.


We can group the challenges faced during this project as “technological” and “methodological”.

On the “tech” side, the complex system and workflows with all the tech debt made it necessary to do some detailed analysis before getting to refactoring, optimization and the new API for the integration. Migration from AWS to Azure had many difficulties also.

Regarding methodology, we brought the agile knowledge to the hybrid development team and we had to coach the members from the customer’s side.


After refactoring the React codebase and migrating the services from AWS to Azure, we developed a REST API using Go language with versioning and automated workflows. The API is easily reusable for the integration of Indivizo’s customers and partner systems, and it’s making the web services scalable.

On the end user side, we managed to optimize the workflows and even created new processes based on detailed system analysis.

The hybrid development team was managed with agile Scrum methodology that helped us deliver the project in time, keeping the 3-month range.


Thanks to detailed analysis and refactoring, Indivizo’s system is now free of tech debt, has optimized workflows, and its web services are easily integrable and scalable, meaning that they can integrate to more customers.

Besides development, we could also provide Scrum knowledge which they can use in their future projects.