• API
  • Admin system
  • Adapters
  • Big Data
  • Complex software ecosystem
  • Acquiring and using the knowledge related to the Big Data framework



  • REST
  • Java
  • Angular
  • PostgreSQL
  • Apache Hadoop
  • New functionalities and modules for processing and organizing the incoming data
  • Test automation for deliverables


Within the confines of this project, we have joined the development of a smart electronic meter system serving international clients as a separate new team.

The scope covers the development of the APIs, adapters and Big Data ecosystem built for processing the incoming data, and the functionalities and modules of the admin system as well.


The hardest challenges in the project were the complexity of the software ecosystem (meaning the complicated network of applications), and acquiring and using the knowledge related to the Big Data framework. Getting acquainted with the architecture needed quite a lot of time since we joined the project from both developer and product owner sides.


We have joined a bigger department (with its own managers, developers and QA) responsible for the project as a separate team, and started working mostly on change requests and new functionalities, but since then we got involved in test automation and ad hoc tasks as well, depending on management decisions based on the actual customer (end user) needs.


We are improving the system with new functionalities, modules, and optimization, while ensuring the safety of release processes by expanding the test automation coverage of the applications.